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   excelucation™  - games based learning to do the stuff that matters to you

Bizgrowglobal is all about educating people on how to create and conceptualise an idea by solving a problem and create an income from it..... so many things to know understand and apply. .Bizgrowglobal conceptualised excelucation™ game programs for young adults.

Bizgrowglobal actively chooses to work with 14 to 18 year olds who are creative clever and disruptive as they are the future of our world and the most vulnerable. Future career paths are limited for people of this fabulous way of being. So many successful inventors and leaders of the past are the creative clever disruptive ones and they didn’t fit square holes.  People older than 18 are of course welcome to play and learn but take note our key focus is this age group. In saying that, young adults can learn from older and more wise players as can older wise players learn from youth and young adults. Together we can create a world of inventions and innovations that create jobs and incomes. 

Excelucation™ game programs cover the knowing and owning of oneself. Being comfortable with self and knowing who else you need on your team are important components in being successful in business. It is about how to read the other person and how they read you. It is about communication and relationships as well as hard core do the numbers so you know the/your business position at any time.
It is about understanding and appreciating the business world and clearly identifying your strengths and skills so you know your best fit in the business arena. 
It's about building teams, knowing who you need on your team and just to be clear it is not another one of you.
It's about gaining access to key parties that will move you and your projects forward and how to build relationships with the people in those parties. 
Business is much about relationships, so we look at how to build and nurture relationships that are beneficial to all parties. 
We get you to look at what can go wrong and experience it in the games room. You will then remember it in the real world and we anticipate this will make you ready aware of what can and may happen. Now, once you are aware you are more observant and you are in an enviable position to pre-empt potential disasters occurring. If we do our job right you will have developed skills in knowing what to have in place to prevent or alleviate potential threats. It is naive to believe everyone is nice and every business will let you share their territory. Wake up and know this and use it to your advantage. How cut-throat savvy are you or how cut-throat savvy do you want to be or is there another way that is better.  Come test it out in the games room.

Excelucation™ programs are about learning the skills required to be successful in business and in life, learnt in a safe environment. The excelucation™ games are designed to stretch and grow you. Train by playing vs Learn by studying. I know which I prefer and both are good. In excelucation™ games you play with others so you get so much more than you would out of a book.​​​​​​

"Eradicate pain and poverty through innovation invention and collaboration" Janet Dougherty

Janet’s adventurous life includes working in innovation, health and business. Her personal mandate is “Eradicate Pain Poverty through Innovation, Invention and Collaboration”.  At 21 she worked in Papua New Guinea (PNG) managing a malnutrition and labour ward, and delivered ante-natal and child immunisation programs. She has worked for Air Ambulance and in Occupational Health. Janet considers herself a mini-inventor as conceptualised and brought to market, KEYRites the World’s best copy-holder to reduce RSI in people working with personal computers. She conceptualised and developed NUAZ, the New Zealand Health Tourism Company which took 3 years to set up. In the first year of business, NUAZ turned over 3 million dollars. Janet is proud of the service NUAZ provided as it improved the health and well-being of many people who could not receive the care they required in their home territory.  Janet is an avid student with a number of qualifications. She loves knowing stuff. As a life member of Frontier Trainings[i] she is being trained by world leading experiential games and platform presentation expert Clinton Swaine. She is passionate about small business and people doing well in business.

Janet is a published author and is proud to have been given the opportunity to create a chapter in the third book in the Winning in Life and Work best seller series, published in November 2017.

Janet cared for her husband Rewi Kemp who was an avid inventor for over three years before he died from cancer in November 2015. Janet defines this time as the most precious and rewarding time of her life.

Excelucation - games based education

Janet develops programs for the excelucation education program using RRT techniques. She works with clever, creative and disruptive 14 to 18-year-olds, assisting them in finding their  value, self identifying what they contribute to the world, owning they are important to society and gain an appreciation of how to  identify and solve problems to create an income. Many excelucation programs are developed for team building and skills training and work in the corporate sector.

Specific games for your business or special event

Janet will develop and deliver excelucation games based programs for specific purpose. Ownership of the game is negotiable and is defined and dependent on terms of the contract put in place.

Biographical Storytelling

Janet creates and delivers biographical stories. The stories represent ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Janet teaches history through biographical storytelling.

Your own story or a story about a special person

If you are planning a family reunion, special birthday or event and would like to have a story created and presented about a special person, then ask Janet to do this for and/or with you. Janet may present the story or train you to present it yourself. A good story does require research and preparation. Information about a person is obtained by interviewing family members and includes online and library research.  

Present your message in the best manner possible

Janet works one on one with people who have a message to give and require assistance in message preparation and or message delivery.

Janet provides workshops for one on one, and small  groups of up to 12 people, to gain confidence in standing out and speaking, voice projection and gaining audience participation and attention.

[i] https://frontiertraining.isrefer.com/go/ptw/bizgrow