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An interview with Janet Dougherty Founder of Bizgrowglobal and Founder of 'Excelucation' Experiential Game Programs
"It was a pleasure to attend and participate in Janet’s Presenter Skills workshop. She was entertaining and delivered her messages with impact on participants. Janet also facilitated the event very well. I recommend her training for people who wish to become engaging public speakers and gain skills in selling effectively. Impressed.." - Michelle Sime
Michelle Sime  BSc.Grad.DipA (Psych) NS NLP
excelucation is a bizgrowglobal education initiative
We design, deliver and facilitate experiential games.  
Our Games Based Education is in and around
'The Business of Doing Business'​​​​​​​
We are currently creating an excelucation™program for young adults aged between 14 and18 years of age who are creative, clever and disruptive in class.
We know they/you are the future of the world. We want to ensure they/you know it too.

Our Mission "Eradicate pain and poverty through innovation invention and collaboration"


"Logic will take you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere"
Albert Einstein

Bizgrowglobal is in the throes of developing an excelucation™ program for young adults, to own their uniquenss and to realise they are a gift to humanity and the world. Particpants by playing games get to appreciate how capable they are and that being a success at and in life and in business is a choice. We do this through playing excelucation created games.  You do want to succeed don't you. The fact you are reading this shows you are interested in living a successful life aren't you. And I know you know that learning by playing games is far more fun than studying isn't it. You do want to learn the easy way don't you. Some of you may want to know more  -   just fill in the optin form on this page with your details to be kept informed of programs and where they are being played as they occur. 

Participants who complete an 'excelucation' program leave with FIVE key achievements  How many?  .....  Yeah I know you got that one right. 
1. Participants will know and appreciate their learning style and will appreciate the learning style of others.   

2. Participants will gain knowledge and train in reading another person's body language. Participants get to know how they are viewed by others in the world.
3. Participants will realise their unique skills and strengths and know why and how they are a contribution in and to the world.

4. Participants will be able to appreciate and understand what is required to be a successful inventor. The excelucation™ program includes 'the how to and do' the following....
  4A: How to identify a problem
  4B: How to create solutions and how to choose the best solution and why
  4C: How to idenfity if there is a market for the solution and what is the size and value of that market  
  4D: Identifying avenues to develop and manufacture the solution
  4E: How to have people who need the solution find it and buy it

5: Participants will gain an understanding of what it is to be in business
  5A: What is their wealth profile
  5B: The skills and type of people they need in their business 
  5C: Appreciate and understand the power of having a Business Plan
  5D: ​​​​​​Appreciate and understand how and the importance of reading key numbers

What you get out of attending an excelucation™ program is equal or more to what you put into it.

Everyone enters the game room with the skill set they currently have. We are all unique and have different skills and experience. What you leave with excels what you entered with. The more times you play the more skills and experience you gain which you can then bring to and apply in the real world. And you are welcome to come back and play again, again, again and again. We want you to.   

 The 5 keys to being a successful inventor are knowing and implementing the
How to identify a problem
How to create a solution(s)
How to evaluate if the solution has market potential
How to market and monetise the solution  
How to earn from being an inventor
'bizgrowblobal's excelucation programs'
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Her Stories
'ordinary women who do extraordinary things' 

 Janet Dougherty - biographical story teller represents two NZ women who have left their footprint on NZ. More details soon....

Venue: Scruffy Bunny Theatre - 100 Courtney Place Wellington NZ

Date: Sunday 25th March 2018

Registration: Details coming soon

Doors close and Start: 4 pm

Finish: 5.30pm
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