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Intellectual Protection of all experiential games and stories created and delivered by Bizgrow Ltd., and also under the label Bizgrowglobal and/or excelucation, or listed Owner of a experiential game(s) is the property of Bizgrow Ltd., or named Owner of the specific experiential game(s), and are not to be used under any circumstance without written approval by Bizgrow Ltd and or Owner of the experiential game(s).  

The experiential games used in programs, events and training by Bizgrow Ltd., are either the sole property of Bizgrow Ltd., or negotiated for use or purchase under agreement between Bizgrow Ltd and named Owner of the experiential game(s). The creators of experiential games are highly skilled and highly trained, and delivery of content must be provided by an experienced facilitator who is to be approved by Bizgrow Ltd or Owner of experiential game(s) before an experiential game may be delivered. This approval must be in writing with signed approval before the experiential game(s) may be delivered.

Under no circumstance are the experiential games permitted to be used in any public or private setting without written permission of Bizgrow Ltd., or by the Owner of the experiential game(s).

Organisations and people who wish to facilitate/deliver experiential games created by or for use under contract by Bizgrow Ltd are required to nominate a Facilitator who is to undergo specialised training at the expense of the facilitator or organisation requesting to use the experiential game(s). Under no circumstance is Bizgrow Ltd., or Owner of the experiential games, liable for the quality of facilitation or delivery or impact on participants as provided by faciitators not in the employ of Bizgrow Ltd. 

Training will be provided by Bizgrow Ltd. Facilitators, and/or Owners of the experiential games requested for use. The facilitators nominated to facilitate experiential games created by Bizgrow Ltd. or Associtates are required to demostrate a level of expertise set by Bizgrow Ltd.and/or Owners for each experiential game to be played.

Each experiential game is designed to meet pre-set objectives. Many of the experiential games allow for participation perturbation which must be managed by a trained highly skilled facilitator. There is a skill set and an acceptable level of experience required for quality delivery and for ensuing their is management and support of and for participants. There is a cost for Facilitator Training which is to be met by the organisation or facilitator presenting the experiential game(s) prior to training being provided.  
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